Do you want to jump start your healing this summer with a break from your old way of eating? Do you want to slim down, gain mental clarity, become one with nature an heal your womb? Do you want to cleanse your yoni so that  you can create beautiful things in your life? Well. this class is just for you. I am offering for the first time a fasting 101 INTENSIVE VIRTUAL PROGRAM. This program will include four private YouTube videos, two group conference calls, worksheets, book recommendations and more. You will learn about all forms of fasting including juice feasting, water fasting,smoothie fasting and finally dry fasting. This course is only $97.00. Enjoy!

you will receive 4 monthly live group conference calls with me. You will learn how to set goals and attain them through spiritual principles tested over time. You get to speak with me live for one hour where you can ask questions and get answers to those pressing questions. Okay, this is your opportunity to talk with me, one on one, to get your goals started and completed. Peace

Is your money funny? Are you constantly avoiding your bills? Do you cringe when you see unfamiliar phone numbers on your cell phone? Are you stuck and want to get out of debt now! Do you want to change your money consciousness? Well, this class is for you. This is a holistic, metaphysical workshop that includes four instructional videos, two 1 hour live conference calls, worksheets, book recommendations and more! This program is yours to keep. Enjoy!  This course is only $97.00. Enjoy!

Do you long for your father or a father figure? Do you look for men that remind you of your father whether you met him or not? Do you seek constantly approval from your spouse or lover without satisfaction? Does your heart ache to know your father or the love of a father? Do you want to heal from this and bring more love, prosperity and abundance into your life once and for all. Well, this is the class for you! This intensive will be held from October 3, through October 24, 2013. Sisters, I know how hard this subject can be and I promise to provide a safe environment for women to heal together in a sacred private facebook group. I will provide you with four videos, one each week as well as four hours in a private group conference call two hours every other week and weekly inspirational uploads. I will include book recommendations, weekly worksheets, coupons, preferred pricing on one on one consultations and much, much more. If you are tired of being sick and tired then this is the place for you. SPACE IS LIMITED. I AM ONLY TAKING 50 PARTICIPANTS TO CREATE A WOMB LIKE ATMOSPHERE. SPACE FILLS UP FAST SO ENROLL NOW! PEACE AND BLESSINGS.
Price: $97.00

In this intensive we end the year with an intense and moving workshop. I have found that many people talk about the damage that has been done to people of the African Diaspora but not many have given solutions. I wanted to offer solutions in this four week course that runs from December 5, through December 26, 2014. In this intensive we will explore the many ways in which we as people of African descent display levels of self-hatred, self-sabotaging, and self destructive behavior that is holding us back from creating prosperous, healthy lives. We will do this by exploring the foods that we eat, the company that we keep and the things that we watch and say that keeps us in the same place. In this intensive I will include four videos, one each week, four hours of group conference calls two hours every other week as well as weekly inspirational videos or blogs, weekly worksheets, book recommendations, coupons, preferred pricing on one on one consultations and much, much more. This course is open to WOMEN AND MEN OF AFRICAN DESCENT who would like to heal and rid themselves of the pain, trauma and suffering that we carry from our ancestors. In this series you will learn to identify your self-defeating habits, your negative talk and your unconscious disregard for people that look like you. You will be given tools that help you welcome more abundance on every level into your life. This course runs from December 5, through December 26, 2014. SPACE IS LIMITED AND WILL FILL UP FAST. PLEASE ENROLL NOW! PEACE AND BLESSINGS
Price: $97.00

Do you celebrate your sexuality or were you taught that sex was dirty? Do you embrace your sensuality or do you hide it? Or you uncomfortable with the way your body looks? Do you feel insecure of your body and hide it every chance you get? Do you want to change all of this and feel really good about your sexuality/sensuality once and for all? Well, this is the class for you!This intensive will be held from November 7 through November 28, 2014. In this intensive we will explore what is keeping you from your best self in a holistic manner. You will learn to love your body fully; create a safe mind space to explore your sensuality; adorn your body lavishly and create a healthy yoni and womb that will create the life you always wanted. I will include four videos, one each week, weekly inspirational videos or blogs, four hours of private conference calls a month two hours every other week as well as book recommendations, weekly worksheets, coupons, preferred pricing on one on on consultations and much, much more. SPACE I LIMITED. I AM ONLY TAKING 50 PARTICIPANTS TO CREATE A WOMB LIKE SETTING. CLASS FILL UP FAST SO ENROLL NOW! PEACE AND BLESSINGS
Price: $97.00

VEGAN VIDEO BUNDLE:Yes, It is finally here. My full "How To Be A Vegan" course. This course includes 8 instructional full length videos plus one supplemental video (A Raw Food Demo Video, plus and introduction video and MY BOOK A RAW LIFE: MY JOURNEY FROM COOKED TO RAW FOODS. So in total you have 10 VIDEOS, and a FREE book, a $150 value for only $47.00. In this course you will learn step by step what is a vegan, how to be a vegan, and so much more. Each video is taught by me in the metaphysical fashion you have all grown to love. This course would make a great gift for all those in your family that keep asking, What is a vegan and How do I become one? THE ENTIRE PACKAGE IS ONLY $47.00 ENJOY!
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Spiritual Business Coaching 101 (PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS AVAILABLE)
DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND I am offering my very unique style of business coaching for new entrepreneurs who really want to get their businesses off the ground. Do you have a great business idea but don't know where to start to launch your idea? Are you tired of working for someone else but are afraid to quit your job because you are concern about how you will pay your expenses? Do you want to make money doing what you truly love? Then Black Berry Beauty is for you. I teach from experience with almost 18 years of working for myself as a private contractor. I have now taken this knowledge as well as the knowledge of now owning and operating my own successful business and I would like to do the same for you. If you choose me as you coach, you won't regret it. I will provide you with 4 consultations a month, one each week at $500 a month giving you concrete information that will take your now slow starting business to a winning business in no time. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Peace
Price: $500.00

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS! Nubia I, of Black Berry Beauty, is now available for speaking engagements at a price that will accommodate many budgets. Some of my subjects include holistic health, relationships, raw foods, natural beauty products, womb consultation, holistic marriage counseling, fasting and so much more.  If you are interested please feel free to contact me at 510 500-5962.
Peace and Blessings.  We want to thank you for visiting our website.  The Black Berry Beauty is a Wellness company that is dedicated to bringing you the finest in Holistic information, Products and Services.  We have made over 400 inspirational You Tube videos and have holistically guided countless individuals, many of them at no charge.  We love what we do and in order to continue to offer consultations, scholarships and product give aways, we would appreciate your support in the form of donations. If you have ever received any spiritual sustenance or inspiration from us and would like to donate an amount, please feel free to click the donate button.  No amount is considered too big or small.
Peace and Love
Nubia I

Peace and Blessings, Black Berry Beauty is now offering gift certificates.  Gift certificates are easy and convenient ways to offer your love ones the gift of holistic healing.  If you are interested or know someone who Is, please consider giving a gift certificate, whether for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or whatever your special needs may be.  The recipient will not forget it.  Thank you
This Book "A Raw Life" is my dedication to people who are looking for a better way to handle negative emotions, overcome dietary challenges and regain and discover optimum health through Raw and Living Foods. This book is an introduction to my journey into the Raw and Living lifestyle, which describes the pitfalls, challenges and triumphs of regaining control with love, over my life. A Raw Life will help you find a healthy balance to food with love, humor and patience and have you glowing, radiating and just feeling good all over.   I have laid out a step-by-step guide to get you started, help maintain this lifestyle and most of all, help you transition from Cooked to Raw Foods with grace. Enjoy!
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Do you need advice about your life purpose? Do you have questions about your relationships, career or just about your life in general? I am offering a one hour general consultation that can assist you in any area of your life or multiple areas in your life. What we talk about is up to you. If you really want to move forward in life and find more peace and abundance in all of your affairs, then this consultation is for you. I look forward to being your coach in assisting you in all of your endeavors. Looking forward to talking with you. Peace and Blessings
Price: $150.00
Are you curious about Raw Foods? Would you like to change your diet and be healthy? Are you tired of eating foods that make you sick? Do you believe that eating raw foods can clear up your skin, help you lose weight or gain weight if needed, give you more energy and help you to feel better overall? Well, this class is for you! This course includes four private instructional videos, two 2 hour conference calls, worksheets and a copy of my book , "A Raw Life: My Journey from Cooked to Raw Foods. This course is only $97.00 and yours to keep. Enjoy!

Please stay and take a look around and know that whatever products you chose, you will be purchasing something that represents you.  "An Alive and Well Being!""
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What Is a Womb?  It is your uterus where all your memories are stored.  It is a place deep within you that has always existed.  It is the essence of your femininity even if removed.  The womb remembers everything.  It remembers your joy; your pain; your anger and your love.  It is where you process all of your relationships in utero, before utero and way after utero.  It is your life.  The life  you desire, the life you have forgotten, the life you wish to reclaim.
I'm in heaven/I'm in the zone/meditation today took me home /and now I know I'm not alone/I'm hanging up and leaving self-destruction alone/I decided never to use the comb/and my love is not on loan/it's eternal, a towering inferno baby/ I'm burning up with that RAH against my womb/zoom/I'm elated from all those thoughts of Tehuti/My queen/she represents divine intelligence/I decide to let go/and let God/ It's now hard/I bow each day to pray/at four a.m/I shed all sins/or should I say those secrets/you know the ones you don't want anyone to know/you a Ho/no/ Baby you a queen/ Seen/let your third eye take you farther/ and don't forget about your father/how was that relationship with him/was it all that you wanted it to be/or did you just accept it as reality/all I'm trying to say sisters/that if love keeps missing you/pray to Nut/your cosmic mother/make some and get under the covers/discover/your lover/IN YOU!
Discover the lover in you!  At THEBLACKBERRYBEAUTY this is exactly what we would like to help you discover.  Your true self; your vibrant, beautiful, joyful self that may be blocked by some ailment, like tumors, cancer,   or just a feeling of anxiety, worry, stress and woe.
Please take a look at our site and if you feel like you have tried everything humanly possible to cure yourself and you still may not be where you truly desire, then please give me a call.  I would love to talk with you and help to soothe your worries with warmth and understanding in a way.
Come on.  Don't be afraid.  This process is painless and it just may save your life.  Come to THEBLACKBERRYBEAUTY and rediscover your beauty!
Peace and blessings
Nubia I
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